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Customized by: Kelly Wilson(kel7alpha) (Contact)
St. Clair
Added: September 28, 2007 (3833 Page Views)
All alone in a crowd,
deafend by the silence of wayward souls
burning eyes by the midday moon,
no angel to wash away the pain,
walk away on clumsey feet
stumble upon the fright,
friendship with harsh reality,

all alone in a crowd
arms embrace the chilling breath,
tongue stings sweet taste of fear,
teasing day, eve of mother night,
bleeding fingers grasp
cling to hopeless faith,
crawl on now
lie among the thorns

all alone in a crowd
St.Clair awaits...

More: http://quiotefiles.com/sanctuary/entersanctuary.ht...

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"how do you do those awsome knee joints?" - sirus - 08/11/2008 Report Violation
"Now you're officially out of the goth closet. Good stuffs..." - SeraphimZeta - 10/04/2007 Report Violation
"Great custom." - Nick - 10/01/2007 Report Violation
"Very nice, Kel... :-)" - Phil Ashby - 10/01/2007 Report Violation
"Yes... :)" - Larry Greyczik. - 09/30/2007 Report Violation
"Great choice going with the sculpted hair on this one. All around amazing work." - Jenny Wolf - 09/30/2007 Report Violation
"beautiful. i dunno about the darkness, but it remeinds me of a less emo crow....not saying the crow was bad, (excelent movie) but just that he was kind of an angry emo zombie guy. understandably though" - Lazar Janus - 09/29/2007 Report Violation
"Gonna give myself a comment, This is one of my favorite customs I've ever made." - Kelly Wilson(kel7alpha) - 09/29/2007 Report Violation
"Jeez, how do ya do it? Great work. It reminds me of The Darkness from the new game." - Mad Rhetoric - 09/29/2007 Report Violation
"Love it. Excellent work, Kel." - Zook - 09/28/2007 Report Violation
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