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Customized by: Phil Ashby (Contact)
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Added: October 18, 2007 (3532 Page Views)

Another 50's Universal Monster - I had this in mind for a while but when it was suggested to me after the Mutant, I had to do it.

If you dont know the film(s) Heres a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creature_from_the_Black_Lagoon

Its a bash and sculpt with milliput - I originally wanted to use the baseball gloves for hands but it wasnt gonna work. Theyre the swords from the dragon kit clipped down. glued in pre made claws and covered them..

Hope you like!

More: http://s44.photobucket.com/albums/f49/Philly73/cre...

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"I know its the Black Lagoon Creature, but it reminded me of those creatures from Stingray." - Nick - 10/25/2007 Report Violation
"Absolutely phenomenal! THIS is what stikfas are all about to me: armatures to display unique sculpts. I love seeing sculpt work on stikfas. Excellent job and an inspiration :-)" - Sam - 10/20/2007 Report Violation
"whoever is doing that chuck norris custom better make him badass! =D" - miko tizon - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"hey, you're right the 'the fly' IS pretty damn awesome! =D" - miko tizon - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"Amazing! I am planning on doing a chuck norris custom sometime BTW!" - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"Awesome!" - Mark Harris - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
" You never fail to amaze me sir. Great custom once again." - Nick.L - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"You da man Phil... :)" - Larry Greyczik. - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"i can't find it in droidbuilder's page, what's its name?" - miko tizon - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"Hi Miko - Droidbuilder already made the fly (and he rocks!)" - Phil Ashby - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"when i clicked the WALKER album, i thought about a stikfas Chuck Norris." - miko tizon - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"You continue to blow me away with your sculpting abilities, and your paint work aint to sloppy either" - Hemish Dekker - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"nice! have you made 'the fly' yet? either the 1958 version or the 1986 one? movie monsters are cool custom subjects! " - miko tizon - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"Monstrously good!" - Zook - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"this is a great photo , but IMO doesnt begin to do him justice- take the time to check out his photobucket link -seamonkeyboy" - your mom - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"so sweet, when i saw your Metaluna,i knew you had to make one of ol'blackie. (my most favourite monster of all time) give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve the 10." - your mom - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
"He's ace! :)" - Misty Jedi - 10/18/2007 Report Violation
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