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PixelStik G2 Monk
Staying Logged In at

What does "Keep me logged in on this computer" mean?

If you checkmark this option then you will remain logged in to even after closing all your browser windows and returning up to 30 days later. Each time you visit after logging in the first time and checking that option a browser cookie is generated. If that cookie exists on your computer then you will be automatically logged in the moment you revisit the website.

For your security, if you visit from a public computer DO NOT check this option when you log in! Or, if you accidentally had the option checked, click on the "Log Out" link in the upper-right hand corner of the website to log out completely. If you do not remember to click the Log Out link you will still be automatically logged out after 30 minutes away from the site.

Clicking on the Log Out link at any time will remove the cookie and keep you logged out the next time you visit the website. However, each time you log out you will need to reenter your username and password to vote as a Member rather than Anonymous.

If you do not visit the website within 30 days after logging in, you will be automatically logged out again.


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